Friday, February 26, 2010

Get to Know Yourself Better: A Facebook Personality Test

So, I took this personality test titled : Know Yourself Better on Facebook.
Yes, I know it's just a questionnaire with bunch of silly-stupid-yet-hilarious questions, but, the result shocks me.
Seriously, it was kind of true, in a way.

Dear Edison Vincentius, below are your Personality Tests result:
Who is your true self: You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.
Yourself: You are really hiding your true self.
Girlfriend/boyfriend: You like serious, smart and determined people.
Relationship: You are ready to commit.
Love: Your have very sensible tactics.
Education: Education is less important than the real world.
Job: You're a practical person and will choose a secure job.
Success: You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go.
Afraid: You are afraid of having no one to rely on.

 *Original result of the test. Click here to take the test, remember to log-on you your Facebook account first*

OK, I don't know what happened but some of the answers are TRUE, almost precise. Yikes.
Maybe that Whitney Houston's is right, I Didn't Know My Own Strength? [lyric]


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ryan's Weekend Rant: The BlackBerry (an e-mail sent to Mr. E)

So, I had quicky chat with Ryan *my-virtual-friend-that-I-met-on-Friendster-the-one-who-got-married-with-a-very-beautiful-Japanese-girl-he-also-have-a-twin-brother-called-Ari* on IM. Nothing's different with him, still HATES his Blackberry Bold, but guess what, he's planning on buying iPhone 3Gs like next week. 
*Blacberry Bold*
 iPhone 3Gs

So now you can STOP hating & loathing your own phone.

Later this night, after the chat, he forced me to check my email and you guys have to see for yourself.

Ryan's Weekend Rant: The BlackBerry.
Top 5 (there are millions, believe me) reasons why I hate this dreaded thing:

1. It is ugly. Look at how they look. Each and every version of FBerry has the EXACT same display! Oh, I mean exact same EVERYTHING! My Bold (yea, bold, it's effing thick!) and Yoko's Javelin IS really the same stuff with different casing! Well mine has poop-er camera.

2. Application-no-go-zone. Look (and laugh) at the applications lol. They're basically text-based with colors here n there lol. I mean seriously, the apps are like 5 bytes (even 1!) In size! Any new apps? NO. Well, once in a blue moon. Any cute or nice looking one? DREAM ON. And its pride and joy, the PoopBerry Messenger, is a broken software lol it needs up to A WEEK just to show friends' picture after update and it takes a century to send a 10kb file. OMFG!

3. Slooo...w. Ever used other phones? They're Speedy Gonzales on dope compared to this dead turtle. Now who's idea was it to release something that has to be reset, sorry, I mean BATTERY PULL each and every day just to maintain the smoothness of operation? And try opening a website in the background while trying to move around the menus or icons. It's a laugh. And when you reset this brick it will take 3 years to get back to the main menu lol, seriously it's mind boggling. And that watch animation thingy lol, say hi to your new friend, berry munchers!

4. "Limited" edition for each edition. Everything is so limited! Can't download big files (lol for internet-based thingy), can't view basic flash animations on web (lol, again), can't read most basic video/audio/document formats, and many MANY more idiotic stuff. Not to mention limited internet browser (geez, some pages can't even be viewed lol).

5. Generally over-rated
. It's so sickening to see how people drool about how magical this thing is. IT'S NOT! People always say "Oooh, it has push technology", well sorry to pop your bubble, it's been around for YEARS! Try doing it with iPhone for example, it has push. Use unlimited plan and you'll see how sad the stale berry is. Or "I use it for e-mail", lol others can do too! The only difference is that BlahBerry can do it pre-paid lol. Others even do it better than SuckBerry! E-mail, messengers, all those and MORE! Sigh, can't seem to be out of words but hey, it's just a rant, I don't even know if you're reading all this texts anyway. So, if you like it then good for you. If not then you deserve a trophy. Have a nice weekend! ;-)
[sent to my Yahoo! mail & used WITHOUT permission]

Oh, poor Ryan, you're such a hateful person. -_-'
Just throw it away & get yourself a new phone!
*I'll catch it if want to throw it away...LOL!!!*
BTW, what a very good rant! 
I really-really-really like it! 
This shows how b*tchy you are.

Ryan's Picture Social page [link]
Go check his photography pictures, they're awesome.[link]


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Anak-anak Perempuan Tante Ga Matre Lho..."

-Sehabis acara Pendalaman Iman Agama Katolik untuk menyambut Paskah 2010, bertempat di kediaman Elisabeth Sorongan *mami gue*, sekitar jam 21.10 WIB-

TanteTetangga: Edison, umurnya berapa sekarang? 24? 25?
Mr. E: Oh, sekarang 26, Tante. Kenapa ya?
TanteTetangga: Gapapa kok, sekarang belum punya pacar ya?
Mr. E: *garuk-garuk-kepala-sambil-ngecek-Twitter-SIALAN-pertanyaan itu lagi* Hehe, belum punya tuh Tante, masih single kok.
TanteTetangga: Hoo, gitu ya, memangnya kenapa belum punya?
Mr. E: Yah, belum ketemu yang cocok aja, temen sih banyak, tapi yah, kebanyakan temen, ga ada yang bisa dijadiin pacar-material. Hehe.
TanteTetangga: Hoo, begitu ya? Pasti gara-gara anak-anak sekarang pada high-maintenance ya? Matre-matre gitu bukan?
Mr. E: Ah, ga gitu kok Tante, cuma belum ketemu aja yang cocok. Tapi ngomong-ngomong, soal yang matre itu ada benernya juga sih. Sekarang mah cewek-cewek banyak banget yang begitu, cuma mau pacaran dengan yang berada aja, kalau rada susah atau masuk kategori biasa-biasa aja, pasti langsung ga mau, yah, walaupun ga semuanya sih.
TanteTetangga: Iya sih, tapi ya, kalau anak-anak Tante sih, yah, mereka sih anak baik-baik & sama sekali ga matre lho.
Mr. E: Oh, gitu ya Tante. Hehe. Eh, mau ke kamar mandi dulu ya Tante, mau mandi & istirahat. Capek.

Hmmm....jadi kalau saya tidak salah tangkap, Tante Tetangga dengan amat serius-duarius-tigarius mau menjodohkan saya dengan salah satu dari kedua anak Tante Tetangga?

*kilat menyambar-nyambar, angin berhembus kencang, mata mendelik dilengkapi perasaan & tatapan tertegun-tercengang-menganga, dada naik turun, hidung kembang kempis, dilengkapi bunyi-bunyian musik pengiring yang mengugah nafsu, SUMPAH, ini salah satu adengan di sinetron Cinta Fitri*

*sekali lagi*

Ampun seribu ampun, maaf seribu maaf Tante Tetangga, don't mean to be rude or anything lho, but, have you seen your own daughters? 
They're both need like A FREAKIN' MAKEOVER, like seriously.

If they're dorks-or-geeky-ish-in-a-way , I still can find them cute, but obviously they're not.
How they dress are just plain weird & childish-not-in-a-cute-kind-a-way-but-out-of-the-ordinary-aka-WEIRD.
Heck, I rarely-no-NEVER seen them around & if I see them, maybe I will be screaming in agony.
*apa sih, lebay! Drama queen is in the house yo!*

Jadi, maafkan saya Tante, bukan saya sombong, norak, atau merasa paling cakep sedunia dan sebagainya dan sebagainya, anak-anak perempuan Tante Tetangga are NOT MY TYPE
like AT ALL.
Nanti kasihan anak-anak Tante kalau dijodohkan sama saya, kasihan.

Saya memang bukan mencari perempuan-perempuan high maintenance, berpenampilan super dandan, trendy, cantik luar biasa, tapi masih banyak yang bisa berpenampilan biasa-biasa saja & menyenangkan untuk dilihat. Sedangkan anak-anak perempuan Tante Tetangga?
No further comment from me anymore regarding those two girls, because if I do it will be painful, rude & harh..

Yeah, Mr. E, no wonder you're not, like ever, going to be in a relationship. You're too picky, rude, self-centered & completely a b*tch. And one more thing, we thought that you're into boys, not girls?
*masuk kuping kanan, keluar kuping kiri, sambil mendengarkan lagu Michael Buble, I Just Haven't Met You Yet, lalalala, hmmm.....*


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week-of-Meh-ness: A Mr. E Recap

So, yes, this week was kind of meh to me.
I mean, FAK! Lots of awful things happened to me at this particular week. It started from Monday, 15th of February 2010, the day after Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day until Saturday, the weekend.
I knew that something bad will happened, but I never expected it to be very annoying.

First, my Pioneer in-earphone, SE-CL20U-X-S.


Fak! I just bought that sh*t last December, for my own birthday present. Right now, I can only hear the left one, the right? Completely off. No sound. I really don't know what I did.
You know what, it was Rp. 250.000,- and I bought it from Best Denki.

Maybe I should bring it to some electrician & try to fix it first before I buy a new one?

Second. Traffic on Monday is still f*cked up & the busway Transjakarta didn't help, at all. Yes, I'm late again for 27 minutes because I have to wait for the bus in Juanda/Pecenongan shelter. As for the days after, it's worse than ever.
The amount of minutes of my-late-arrival-in-the-office for 1 week:
Monday: 27 minutes
Tuesday: 10 minutes
Wednesday: 1 hour
Thursday: 1 hour & 18 minutes *WTF???*
Friday: 48 minutes
Saturday: 31 minutes
So, no wonder I got the notification letter a.k.a surat peringatan. Haha.

Third. From Monday to Tuesday, the internet connection on my office was disconnected from BizNet. There was something wrong with the IP address or something & the IT guy was on his vacation & his assistant, well, didn't know what to do. And, he didn't call his superior. I mean come on! Do we have to call him for you? Lazy-f*cker!
I'm practically powerless at that time because my job is relying on the internet, so if it's off, I'm like cengo-mode-on. *blog instead lah!*
So, I did some of my work at home. *sigh*
How devoted I am to my job. -_-'

. I had an interview 2 weeks ago, at Metrox. They told me if I made it to their short list of candidates, they'll contact me, but until the end of this week, NONE. I guess, I failed the interview & SO NOT getting that job. *I applied for a Personal Assistant job*

. Since the-infamous-Pioneer-in-earphone is still broken, I have to buy a new one. It's some unknown-Japanese-brand-in-earphone with the price Rp. 123.000,-. The quality is so-so, but it's ok lah, I just need to plug it in my ears & hear some songs from my iPod.
If I want some good quality earphones, I have to have around Rp. 300.000 something to buy it.

Sixth. My BII MC2 credit card bill is Rp 300.000 something-something! Apparently, I have to pay Rp. 150.000,- for the annual fee. Haiya!

Card_BII_MC_resize.jpg BII_MC image by budidenpasar

Seventh. Watched The Wolfman [link] in Blitz Megaplex Mall of Indonesia.

The movie sucked. I mean the script was bad, the lines was cheesy & the actors was underused. It was pretty awful. I mean, come on, you got a whole bunch of good actors (Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins & Emily Blunt), but where's the drama? I need some blood-bath-excruciating-drama-queens-with-memorable-scenes-or-some-heart-wrenching-dialogues.
What I get from the movie? None. Just some stupid village people & gypsies, doing stupid things, hunting in the dark, running from the wolf-man, got killed. Lots of growling, blood splatter, decapitated heads or hands, but none of it was memorable. Only the moody-dark-fairly-depressing-cinematography & the costumes that was pretty good.

The last, but not the least, number eight on the list.
Since the weather is still very bad. It can be very hot in the morning, but raining -like-thunderstorms at the afternoon, I got the FLU.
Yes, the sore throat, the sneezing, the coughing, the blocked nose & queasy-feeling, all-in.
I hate being sick.
So, now, instead of blogging, go to sleep, get some rest, and drink lots of fluids *medicines & vitamins also*.

Ah, you finally come to the end of my week-of-meh-ness. It was MEH, like seriously.
Let's just hope, next week will better.

Mr. E, you're annoying. Stop with the complain thingy. Suck it up!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day at the Same Day? Yay or Nay?

So, it happened, some coincidence heh?
2 holidays in 1 day! *but, it's still on Sunday, so no holiday after all...*

Herewith, I present to you all,


*courtesy of BuddyPoke, Facebook application for your-own-customazible-personalized-3D-avatar*

Spread your love to others, boyfriends/girlfriends/brothers/sisters/mothers/fathers/granparents/uncles/aunts/colleagues/some-random-people-you-meet-on-the-streets,
go find some 'angpao-s' & please, while at it, have some food & drinks, it's a festive time, no need to watch your diet or anything.

See you guys at Monday, where our jobs awaits. *sigh*
*you don't have to remind us all!*


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mr. E's 14 Movies for Valentine's Day

14th of February 2010, is Chinese New Year, but also, it's the day of the lovers *yawn*, the-infamous-Valentine's-Day. Since I don't have any dates/lovers/boyfriend/girlfriend, what more fun that drawn yourself in some self-inflicting-tear-jerker-suicide-mode-Ow-I'm-s0-alone-movies, so here you go,

-Mr. E's Top 14 Valentine's Day Movie-
-ON PROGRESS, more comment of the movies-

1. Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! (2001) - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman

Musicals can never be this good! The movie was filled with over the top costume, highly choreographed *and did I mention insane?* dancing, great acting, well-written songs/soundtrack & off course a heartbreaking story between two lovers. My own personal favorite movie for Valentine's day.

2. Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet (1996) - Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes

Modern retelling of the tragic tale between two star-crossed lovers & with a little twist on it; original Shakespearean dialogue, no tight pants & guns-instead-of-swords. Great acting, good soundtrack & off course, kleenex!

3. Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - Gary Oldman & Wynona Ryder

Want some hardcore vampire movie, but still feeling romantic-in-a-way? Dracula is your perfect choice. It's creepy yet sexy. Very stylish in costumes, well-acted, good cinematography & yes, a heartbreaking story. Twilight, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

4. Gil Junger's 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) - Heath Ledger & Julia Stiles.

Teen-comedy-drama at its best! It's a loose adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew, but because the script was so well-written, it's so refreshing! A modern love story with a-hip-factor, trendy, fast-paced, witty dialogues, great actors & amazing soundtrack! She's All That was good? Seriously? LOL.

5. Richard Curtis's Love Actually (2003)

6. Vincent Ward's What Dreams May Come (1998) - Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Annabella Sciorra.

7. Jessie Nelson's I Am Sam (2001) - Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer.

8. Andrew Stanton's Wall-E (2008)

9. Rudy Soedjarwo's Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (2002) - Nicholas Saputra & Dian Sastrowardoyo

10. Jerry Zucker's Ghost (1990) - Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore

11. Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music (1965) - Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer

12. Kwak Jae-Yong's My Sassy Girl (2001) - Jun Ji-hyun & Cha Tae-hyun

A very refreshing South Korean drama-romantic-comedy-movie. You can have that "Korean-feeling" about it; how the speak so loud sometimes it humiliates, how they curse & gosh, that girl know how to drink & "slap" other people. The movie was well-written & funny, sometimes a bit harsh & kind of brutal-in-way but yet the story is so humane & obviously a tear-jerker.
*Korean cinema, never thought can be this good...*

13. Robert Cary's Save Me (2007) - Chad Allen & Robert Gant

A thoughtful, subtle & well-written gay movie about a sex and drug addicted young man who is forced into a Christian-run ministry in an attempt to cure him of his "gay affliction". The movie was emotional, ironic & heart wrenching but at the same time heart warming & feel so human.
*Sorry Brokeback Mountain, your just boring as f*ck...*

14. James Cameron's Titanic (1997) - Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet

Do I have to say anything about this movie? An-over-the-top-melodramatic-disaster-Hollywood-epic-movie with amazing actors & spectacular visuals from the first to the end. You'll watch it with an awe, have those goosebumps moment, cry your heart out & yes, the love story between Jack & Rose will be, well-forever remembered.
*I still cried everytime I saw this movie, LOL.*

So, there you go, 14 movies for your bloody Valentine's Day from me. LOL.
Go cry your heart out & don't forget to bring tissue/kleenex with you. You're so going to need it.


Mr. E's Valentine's Day 2010 Playlist

So, Valentine's day.
Since I got nothing else to do at that particular day, I have the courtesy to put up a couple love-ish songs in monthly playlist *that I completely forgot to make for the past month, so sorry guys, been busy a bit*
And, here you go, 14 love-themed-mainly-it's-a-bunch-of-acoustic-folk-genre-or-some-boybands-songs just to completely ruin your Valentine's Day. The songs will drain you to exhaustion & have to cancel your dates! Yay!
*now, I'm going to kill myself. LOL*

1. Gravity - Sara Bareilles [lyric]

2. Wonderwall - Ryan Adams [lyric]

3. Gravity - Coldplay

4. New American Classic - Taking Back Sunday [lyric]

5. Since You've Been Around - Rosie Thomas [lyric]

6. Inevitable - Anberlin feat. Aaron March (of Copeland) [lyric]

7. One Moment More - Mindy Smith [lyric]

8. Duet - Rachael Yamagata & Ray Lamontagne [link]
9. Elisa - Dancing [lyric]

10. Like You Never See Me Again - Alicia Keys [lyric]

11. Us Against The World - Westlife [lyric]

12. Love's Divine - Seal [lyric]

and the last, but not least, we have to end it with two majestic, epic & the most over the top song of all time,
13. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston [lyric]

14. Come What May - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman (theme from Baz Lurhmann's Moulin Rouge!) [lyric]

End of the Mr. E's Valentine's Day playlist. I know, there like millions of songs out there, but here are some of it that are still my personal favorites & I really like to share it with others.
*As for the song download links, still on progress, check on the comment page of this posting*


Monday, February 8, 2010

If I Ever Said It Out Loud.

If I ever said it out lout,
it would be me, accepting the harsh fact of life.

If I ever said it out lout,
it would makes me scared even more because maybe it's true.

If I ever said it out loud,
that would be that moment when I become the person that I wish I'm not.

If I ever said it out loud,
it would be final.

I can't accept it.
I won't accept it.

Take that chance, one person said.
I said no, I don't think that I can do that.
I'm still don't know if I have that kind of strength.

I am what I am right now and I'm not happy about it.
I wish I could be happy.
Just for once, be happy about it.
But I'm not.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

28th Wedding Anniversary of Papi & Mami.

So, 7th February 2010.

28th Wedding Anniversary

Daniel Stylites Boen


Mareyke Elisabeth Sorongan

My lovely parents.

I wish my father is still here & be with my mother. She would be so happy & wouldn't be spending so much time missing him, coping & dealing with him gone.

Sometimes, I just can't see her in the eyes because if I do, I'll see it, all the sadness & the pain.
It breaks my heart.
But also, I can see so much love, bigger than anything and I'll be crying my heart out.

She misses him so much.

Maybe, it's just me being being hopelessly romantic, believing that true love really exist and can only be separated by death.

It's true, I guess, look at my parents.

Papi, I miss you.
We miss you.
Happy anniversary.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quote-of-the-Day: Tom Hansen - (500) Days of Summer

"This is lies.
We are liars.
Think about it.
Why do people buy cards?
It's not because they want to say how they feel.
People buy cards because they can't say they feel or are afraid to.
And we provide the service that let's them off the hook.
You know what?
I say to hell with it.
Let's level with America.
Or at least let them speak for themselves.

-Joseph Gordon Levitt as Tom Hansen-