Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thumpa-thumpa-to-Some-Techno-Disco-Trance-or-Whatever-They-Called-it-Type-of-Songs? Not My Scene.

So, went clubbing a couple weeks ago & it was my first time since forever I went doing some drinking & thumpa-thumpa to some unknown techno-disco-trance-or-whatever-they-called-it-type-of-songs. Name of the club? Well, I'll just keep it a secret so you can guess which place in Jakarta that I went "bazinga". LOL.

For some who know me pretty well, they all going to be like, "What? You went clubbing? Since when b*tch? It's totally NOT your scene, heck You don't do clubbings!"

Yes, I don't do clubbings. *lame? I KNOW right?*

So, there are a couple of things why I don't do it? Do what exactly? The clubbing thingy! 

First of all, I don't smoke cigarettes & the fact that smoke will make eyes itchy & have a burning sensation just kills of the mood. :(
But all you can find in clubs or bar or discotheque are a bunch of people who dance to some dancey-songs while drinking + smoking like a choo-choo-train. Sometimes, it's not just a few sticks, it can be packs of cigarettes, like 15-20 sticks. My Gawd, my eyes are bleeding, MY EYES!!! My nose, my lungs, my chest is in pain, help me, helllllpppp! *bitch-slap!!*
And I have to go out for a few times to smell some fresh air if I can take it anymore.
And oh, your clothes will smell like something got burned on it & sometimes, that-expensive-clothes-that-you-wear will get "SUNDUT" by some people's cigarette & it will definitely be ruined! :(

Speaking of smoking, now we come to the second part , I don't drink alcohol.
OK, maybe a couple of beers or some liquor will be fine though, but the aftermath, I'll be having some kind of diarrhea & stomach ache. I don't drunk very easily though, because I peed a lot & the-going-to-the-toilet-over-and-over-again, that's the thing that keeps me sober. Dammit! :)
I have a very "uncompromising" stomach. It's like I'm lactose intolerance but it's not lactose, it's alcohol. :( 

And oh, the last thing, it's so damn expensive! My goat, you have to spend at least around Rp 100.000,- or up just to get in + a welcome drink. If you open a table + sofa, you'll spend around 2 million until 3 million Rupiahs. Gosh.
And don't let me start with the drinks. To get a drink, maybe some cocktails or liquor, at least you have to spend around Rp 50.000 or up *wayyy, up!* 
I don't have that kind of money. OK, I got the money, but I think I should use it for something more crucial rather than having some overpriced drinks. :)

That's why, this-what-so-called hedonistic life is totally not my scene. I would prefer to go to some nice, quite restaurant or cafe, have a decent meal or drink some iced/hot coffee & have some quality chat with friends, that's my ideal scene. Or, I can just spend my time at home, watching DVDs, blogging or sleep. LOL.

FYI though, I'm not going to say NO if some of my friends invited me to go clubbing, I really appreciate the offer lah, seriously, but maybe not going to enjoyed it as much as others. But, then again, maybe I'll be enjoyed the club if I actually known those people at the club, "Well, it's good for your networking, you know, the clubbing, meeting with others, find some potential bf/gf, etc-etc-etc...", a friend said.  

.mister.dison., YOU'RE SO LAME! Clubbing will help you get laid! Seriously! LMAO.


Friday, February 25, 2011

BlackBerry Addict, Please, Get Yourself Some Help. LOL!

So, got this BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) a couple days ago from a friend about how BlackBerry changed someone else's life. 
In-a-way, my behavior is a wee-bit like what the message described, well, maybe NOT that severe, but it's kinda true. LOL. 
I screen-captured the original source, read it yourself ya!

*captured from my BlackBerry Tour using ScreenMuncherA BIG THANK YOU to the ones that make this post!*

Let's try to translate the message in English. :) ‎​

How BlackBerry CHANGED My Life!
  1. People gives me honks ALL THE TIME, they suggested that I should to put a sticker in the back of my car saying, "Please stop honking me b*tches, BlackBerry User in-da-Hauz" *snap-like-a-diva*
  2. Need a much-much-much longer time to take a pee or poo in the toilet/bathroom, even though I'm already finished *Wait, I forgot something, oops, I didn't to wash my hands!* EWWW..
  3. Still holding my precious BlackBerry while sleeping. B*tch, I got a deadline to finish reading these emails!
  4. Smiling & giggling like some loony person while reading email or messages or tweets or.....; having a hard time concentrating at work & every morning, the first thing that I look is my precious BlackBerry.
  5. Not easily offended but people tends to be furious because I didn't get or paying enough attention at what they are talking about. B*tch please, my BlackBerry is way more interesting than you all!
  6. Always panicking in public places & looking for electricity socket. F*CK, my BlackBerry is dying! I need to charged it!!!
  7. Got too excited with my precious BlackBerry, I forgot to press the elevator's button & missed the floors. Well, my BlackBerry will accompany me, going up, going down, missed the floors, no problemo!
  8. Missed queuing in the Bank because didn't hear a thing when they called my number. Oh, well, I got my BlackBerry, it's OK-lah to queue again, act cool & busy.
  9. B*tch, who cares about those piles of unread magazines & newspapers, I got my BlackBerry with me, just send some BBM to have updates. *preeet...*
  10. *BAM!* F*ck, I just hit my head while walking! well, too busy looking at my BlackBerry screen.
  11. -
  12. My BlackBerry is forbidden to be put in the bag or pocket, it always have to be in my hands, no matter what, even though I'm not chatting or email-ing, MY BLACKBERRY ALWAYS HAVE TO BE IN MY HANDS! It's the default setting.
  13. I left my wallet in the house, ah, it's fine, but if I left my precious BlackBerry, MY GOAT! I LEFT MY BLACKBERRY, NOOOOOOO!!! *having a panic attack!*
  14. When people asked me about my identity number, the first thing that I remembere is definitely my BlackBerry pin number, the rest of it? F*ck 'em lor, I don't remember it.
  15. Have what-the-doctors-called-calloused-or-what-Indonesian-called-KAPALAN in the hands. Also, I don't care if I don't eat or having snacks, I HAVE TO PAY MY BLACKBERRY BILLS.
  16. Don't f*ck with me track ball / track pad, I need to reply this comment!!! *rub it with some cajuput oil*
  17. Pray time. Fast. Quick. Amen! Let's go back to my precious BlackBerry. 
  18. Hey, don't you realised that, there's NO number 11! *faint*
  19. *moving the pointer up, looking for number 11, get busy with my BlackBerry, AGAIN.*
Please, BlackBerry addicts, get some help. You're freaking people, f*ck, you're freaking me out!
My Goat! LMAO!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Question.

*Setting; sarapan pagi bersama Mami di meja makan, topik pembicaraan, undangan pernikahan salah satu teman gue...*
Mum: Eh, kiapa ngana sampe sekarang gak pacar-pacaran huh? ("Kenapa sih kamu gak pacaran?" dalam bahasa Manado) Emang gak mau kawin ya?
Gue: Errr... apaan sih Mam... *senyum-senyum-cengengesan...*
Mum: Kenapa? Gak suka cewek ya? *muka serius*
Gue:  Kaget. Shock. Bengong + Cengok + Tampang Bego-sebego-bego-nyaSpeechless.
*OK, daripada berlanjut, mending gue diem-aja-deh-senyum-terus-ketawa-lalu-lanjut-lagi-makan....*

OMG. it's "The Question" that every parents asked when their kids is still single at the age of 27.
What should I tell my Mum ya? :'(


Saturday, February 19, 2011

FunWorld PhotoBox: 19th February 2011

So, still remember those days, like a couple years ago when people in Jakarta was obsessed with what-so-called-instant-Photo-in-a-small-Box? Well, I guess, my friends & I are reliving that obsession.

*pictures was taken in Fun World, Grand Indonesia*

We're seriously f*cked in these pictures, I mean like, there are 4 people who were stuffed together in a very small box, trying to get the pictures done with some pretty-stuffy-fiercy-posey-poses! LMAO!
Look at our faces! Edgy & fierce? 
Completely FAILED. 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foursquare-Abusers, EAT THIS!

So, a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine, @WidyDee posted a tweet on his Twitter, asking what kind/type of social media that you think is BORING? The answer is simple for me, FOURSQUARE.

Well, I do not have any personal grunge or whatsoever with Foursquare, but, I have to admit that it just bores & also at the same time annoys the hell out of me, I'm like, poking my eyes because of it.

Why do I hate Foursquare anyways, well, hate is a strong word, maybe we should change it into something more "polite". I'm going to use the word "dislike". So, why do I "dislike" Foursquare?
Because of the user or participants of this location-based social media platform.

Yes, we can say that Foursquare is some kind of "social media game"; you are required to "check-in" at various places. You can get badges for check-in a nd yet, if you do it RELENTLESSLY, you will become the Mayor of those various places that you checked-in all the time. *click here for the complete list of Foursquare badges*.

So, what's with the user/participants of Foursquare then? Why do you "dislike" them?
Actually they are 2 things.

Number one, I just HATE it when these-Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers barging-in-relentlessly to my social media streams about their current locations. Yes, I have problems with users that checked-in to EVERY PLACE that they're currently on, even toilets or kitchen!
Gosh, you guys are spamming my timeline! I seriously don't need to witness your what-so-called-trips-to-places & then go checking-in-relentlessly so then you can be some Mayor-of-whatever-hell-hole-you-want-to-be. I don't need it & sure lots of people too!

Number two, and this is the most important thing,these-Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers KEEPS ON CHECKING-IN INTO PLACES THAT THEY'RE ACTUALLY NOT CURRENTLY ON.

These what-so-called-attention-junkies just abused the use of Foursquare & consciously "lying" in your faces about they whereabouts. Why the hell you checked-in at London or New York or Japan or anywhere else in the world when obviously, YOU CURRENTLY LIVING, BREATHING, WALKING & DO EVERYTHING IN INDONESIA!

Seriously, you guys are so f*cked up mentally ya?
I still can't figure it out why the hell these people do such things, seriously, tell me, WHY ON EARTH YOU GUYS DO IT???

I'm not tying to be a b*tch or whatsoever, I'm just telling you Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers, stop being a social-media-attention-whores & just be real.
Please, stop being such a loser by checking in relentlessly to those places where I-know-you-know-&-well-everybody-knows that you're not actually & currently there. I don't know if you wish to be there or wanted to be there or whatever your reasons to do such things, I don't give a f*ck, but please, you all gives me a freaking headache & wanted me to poke own my eyes because you all abusing the use of Foursquare *which I also don't know what is the use or purpose of it.*

.mister.dison., are you a Fousquare user? | Oh yes I am! Click here for my Fousquare page & don't worry, I maybe a Tweet whore but I'm not a Foursquare abuser. I checked-in to places that I actually & currently are. Just trying to be real here.
And, this is that what I'm going to do if I actually meet you all, Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers, 
*RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 2, RuPaul & JuJuBee*

Hope you Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers can come back to your senses & back from your mental instituion. *snap like a diva!*


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quote-of-the-Day - Dr. Mina Menard [Off The Map 01x05: I'm Here]

Mamie Gummer as Mina Minard; Off The Map
"I have something to say. No, umm, it's actually easier if you keep on your face.
In med school, the called me ice queen. 
They go, oh, one of the cadaver got loose, it's kinda mean.
Anyway, uh, the hand holding, and hugging, wouldn't mean anything to most people, but, I don't do that, not with patients or boyfriends, or even when I was little, crossing the street with my mother.
I just want you to know that I... it wasn't nothing, to me, it was something.
[Dr. Mina Menard - Off The Map 01x05: I'm Here]

So, yes, I think this girl has some serious intimacy issues. And guess what? In-a-way, I also have the same problem as she. I don't know why but it's true.
Maybe intimacy issues is a little bit too much, I think it would be better to say I have some kind of personal-space-issues.
I don't do hugging, hand holding, caressing, kissing *on the cheeks*, etc. 
I just don't.
Why is that? Because, I will be like, feeling weird & awkward if somebody do all kinds of those touchy-feely-thingy towards me, heck, just if someone lean towards me, I would be like a wee-bit freaked out.
I think, I just don't like when people go "all-over" me & start to "rub" everything on me, I would be maybe freaked out a little bit or even snapped. :) 
Yes, I need my own personal space & I don't like when my personal space is being "invaded" by others.
Mental isn't it?  

OK, .mister.dison., this what-so-called personal space has to STOP. How the hell are you going to be with someone if you feel like, oh-I-feel-awkward-if-somebody-touches-me-bla-bla-bla. Just loosen up a bit & let it flow. You don't have to be in control all the time, right?

Off The Map, a new medical drama series created by Jenna Bans with some help from Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice creator, Shonda Rimes. The series tells you about seven doctors in some remote South American village, working in some health clinic/hospital. And yes, there are a lot of drama + sex going on there. :)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011: A Little Recap.

January 2011.
First month of the newest year & it's coming to the end.
So, what have you done this past month? Here's a quickie recap-review-blabbering. :)

1. Late-Birthday-Present
Watched Burlesque at Gading XXI at the 28th of January with Nipeng, Siska & Ms. Bee *pretty entertaining movie, great songs & choreography, but bad acting & cheesy dialog*. FYI, Siska & Niven watched the movie for the 2nd time. Wew. :)
After the movie was finished, we went to the car & ready to go home. Suddenly, Siska pull out something from her bag & gave me this little box. I don't know what it is, I just stood there, still a wee bit shocked *drama queen!*

I seriously cried myself when I opened the-what-so-called-small-package-wrapped-in-amazingly-thick-newspaper-paper. Never thought that people would actually give me an iPod Touch 4th Generation.
I really do.
And oh, they filmed my reaction & put it on Youtube. WTH? LOL.
I dedicate this blog post to my blast friends. Hugs & kisses *even though I don't do these touchy-feely-thingy* to Siska, Niven, Beata & Golda.
You guys are the best!
*and now you guys leave with a big confusion, how can I top that gift, what should I get you guys for your birthdays? My God... LOL!!*

2. Credit Card bills.
Yes, this past December I've been pretty consumptive with birthdays, gifts & Christmas. By the time I got my credit card bills, I'm like, shocked by how much money that I used, well in this case, how many times I swiped that stupid card.
No, I'm not in debt or anything, but I never thought that I'll be using it THAT much.
Hey, how about your Christmas bonus? Well, to be honest, I give almost half of it to my mum. Well, she needed it anyways so, why not lah.
I took some of the bonus for myself; put it in my bank account & saving it for next year. :)
Ok, why am I rambling like this? Sorry guys. :)

3. Household-duty-with-no-maid-at-home.
OMG, I just realized that not having a housemaid can drive people pretty crazy. I have to admit that, I'm not used to work or do errands. I'm used to have a maid that do all those stuffs for the home. I know, I'm a bit spoiled & but, it doesn't mean that I can't do those errands. I can though, just not used to. :)
So, now I do some bed tidying, sweeping the floors, a little mopping, bathroom cleaning, refilling the water dispenser, a little cooking or breakfast making & trash-throwing *WTF? LOL!*. But I don't do laundry & ironing because I don't know how. :p
Mostly, my mum do all the work at home & I would really like to help, but every time I went home, I got very tired & lazy to do those errands. Somebody slap me, please!
I really should find a new maid. Seriously. :|

4. Tessa in Seattle, goes to nursing school! :)
So, one of my besties, Tessa is now married to this American guy named Bill & yes, I can't wait for them to have their wedding here in Indonesia.

What's up with her then?
OK, she's now on nursing school in Seattle; with her super exhausting schedule, we still got a wee-bit time to have some chat on BlackBerry Messenger & I really cherished that time, even though it will only a few minutes, but I really love it. I feel closer to her even though she's like, million thousand miles away from here.

And we come to the interesting part, when I went home from the office at around 09.30 PM, she PING-ed me at BBM, I said Hi, well the usual stuff lah, and I asked her "Where are you Tess?", she said "Dison, I'm on my bus to school," & I told her, "I'm on my bus too, but instead of going to work, I'm going home."
What a great coincidence! It also happen vice-versa, in the morning, around 9 AM also, when I'm going to the office, Tessa is on her ride home from school. :p

5. Resigning.
I have to admit, what I just did is plain madness! Why is that?
OK, at the 1st of February I gave my resignation letter to my boss, while I don't even know if I will get the new job that I'm going to
Yes, it's madness or maybe just plain stupid, I don't know! OK, I'll make a full post about this resigning thingy. Just give me some time to write it down. :)

And then, we come to the end of this recap of .mister.dison.'s unimportant yet boring yet yawning life.
Yes, we're closed for the night, until the next time folks. :p