Thursday, January 27, 2011

iPad & The-Other-Shiny-Shimmering-Apple-Products. Ck ck ck.... :)

So, I browsed Apple Store [link] the other day *well, actually a couple months ago* & found out that they are selling their iPad with its "official" price. Check it out.

*look at that, they're actually selling iPad, at last! :), full price list, click here*

It's a good thing though, people don't have to buy the-what-so-called-unofficial-or-black-market-price iPads. Indonesian Apple Store sell the 16GB + Wi-fi iPad for around 4.8 million IDR & the 64GB + 3G connection for around 8 million IDR.
Honestly, I don't really like iPad though, I think it's just an iPod Touch but with bigger size only & not very useful, well maybe it's just me :). OK, convince me why I should have one of those touchy-thingy. Seriously, try me. LOL! 
*yes, I got an iPad for my birthday... NOT!*

*triple-beauty-white-pearly-MacBook!!! [link]*     *MacBook Air, for full review, click here*
I also checked out their MacBooks, those beautiful-white-pearly-classic-MacBook & it's only 10 million IDR! Yes, this is my dream laptop/note-book. If I have some money, I'll definitely going to buy it. Don't really care if people said that it's old fashion or outdated, I'm in love with it! :) *you can also buy a MacBook Pro for almost 13 million IDR* 
They're also selling the smaller & thinner MacBook Air! Cute tough but way too overpriced, 64GB for a price of 10 million IDR? Damn, that's expensive. :)

So, are guys buying one of these Apple extravaganza? How about you .mister.dison.? You want one? LOL.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekend Plans: Zenbu & Kitchenette - Plaza Indonesia, 15th January 2010

15th January 2010.
Plaza Indonesia.

So, me, Ms. BeeNipenkSiskaAutie G & Tante Lisa + Ms. Tee & HJ went to Plaza Indonesia for some what-so-called bitching time. Yes, we eat, drink & talked for hours, random stuffs, from work, love life, well, I guess, anything you can think off.

After we eat some mozaru at Zenbu, we went to one of the hippest place in Plaza Indonesia, Kitchenette
It was my first time there, well, like finally! Have been wanting to go to that place for such a long time, but since it's always fully packed, so I always end up cancelling the reservation.
So, just to keep it short, Kitchenette has a very good ambiance, nice music, not too thumpa-thumpa or too loud & you can actually enjoy your time, but the f&b are just way bit overpriced for my budget. :( 

Yes, it's confirmed, spending time some friends are so much fun rather than stay at home & weep at the weekends.
Hey, what's your weekend plans anyways? Any suggestions? And HELL NO .mister.dison., don't say La Piazza Kelapa Gading again! Or McDonalds! Or cozy room at your house! :)) 


Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 in a Nutshell: A Recap of .mister.dison.'s Journey in a Year :)

So, 2010. This is the year two since I started blogging & also marked the 2nd time I went sabbatical on blogging for almost 7 months cumulatively *3 months (April-July) + 4 months (July - November)*
Yes, I'm being lazy, too tired to write & off course let's blame TWITTER for wasting most of my time! LMAO. *yes, I think I'm turning into a Tweet-whore, oh no! 11.572 tweets since 9 April 2009*

Enough with these blabbing, let's recap some things that happened in 2010 with a random order. :)

1st of March 2010; changed the blog's name & address [link]
An identity transformation from   to  as well the blog address, from the tongue-twister-  to something more user-friendly; :)

Not-so-proud owner of a 2nd hand BlackBerry.
Blackberry Tour 9630. IMO, a downgraded version of Onyx & upgraded version of Bold
I kind of like it because of the BlackBerry Messenger is very-very-very-useful on communicating with others, but the frustrating part is, the device doesn't have any Wi-Fi. WTF! 
Hey, I'm not going to be an ungrateful b*tch & have to say thank you to my uncle, if he hadn't sent it to me, I'm never going to be a BlackBerry user & joined the other 2 million people in Indonesia that use the same type of device. :p 
And oh, almost forgot, I also broke my Nokia E63 while travelling to Singapore. Dammit. :)

Got a Nintendo DS from my best friend, Tessa.
I don't really play video games because it's very addictive & time consuming :). You know, everytime I play some random games on Playstation, I ended up getting addicted, sometimes got highly frustrated if the games were crazy hard & there was a dead end, dammit! So, I try hard not to get involved in video games ;p. But, I love NDS games, it's easy, fun, educative & did I mention easy & cute. Yes, it have some pretty hard core games also, but, games like Mario Kart, Cooking Mama, Lego Batman-StarWars-IndianaJones, & or Scrabble are very easy to be played. I got frustrated also lor, but it's fun to play it.
*Power Rangers Super Legend!!!*
So, I'm going going to say, thank you very much Tessa for the NDS! I enjoyed it very much. And, oh, I almost forgot, Nintendo DS was also on my 26th birthday wish list [link], it was a dream come true!
Lots of games, so little time. :)

Went abroad for the first time in years. Destination: Singapore!!! When: 8-12 August. 
*Yeah, I'm-The-Poop shirt rocks! LOL*
Thank.You. Budget. Airline. 
Yes, thank you to AirAsia for those cheap tickets so I can visit Singapore with my little sister with only Rp. 550.000,-  or around USD 60-ish, crazy right?
What a great experience to be on a very well-organized country! *still in an awe with the MRTs*
Next year, I'm taking my mum & my younger brother to Singapore, wish me luck on saving the money ya! :p

Kop-Dar with fellow bloggers. *can I consider myself as a blogger? Hmmm... tough question! :)*
Some people think it's weird to actually meet with the people that you know from the internet. Hey, they can be those antisocial-weirdos-that-spends-too-much-time-in-front-of-the-computer-&-have-a-psycho-stalker-mind-trying-to-find-its-prey, well people, YOU ALL GOT IT WRONG! Seriously, they're just some ordinary people that you can meet in your everyday life, but what makes them special? They have somekind of super ability to write & yeah, some narcissistic tendencies to post their pictures along with their writings on the net. These things are what make "bloggers" are unbelievably interesting, smart, funny & cool person to meet. Thank you Ms. Gogo for bringing us all together! 

JoJoBa weddings!
What's a JoJoBa means actually? OK, it stands for Jomblo-Jomblo-Bahagia *Happy-Singles-Club???*, a group of desperate-loony-mental-yet-incredibly-smart-loud-&-lovely people that I met during college years at Universitas Pelita Harapan. They say high-school-friends are friends for life, but for me, JoJoBa are a bunch of friends for life. :) Even though almost all of the members are in a relationship or married with kids, but they still considered themselves to be a JoJoBa. :)
So, in 2010 there are 4 members that got married. Tessa-Bill, Cindy-Reggie, Ledy-Subandi & Christine-Andri. Many many many congrats to my beautiful friends! 

Making another birthday wish-list for my 27th birthday [link].
Well, I know, it's lame, but I kinda liked it you know, telling others so they can buy me gifts & actually giving me something that I want, not some random stuffs that I don't need. LOL.
For this year, apparently, nobody give any present or whatsoever, but, some of my best friends bought me a cake, a real chocolate cake for my birthday & celebrated it on Sushi Tei [link], twice in a week. Thanks guys, I loph you guys pull dah! LOL.
And oh, since nobody gives me anything from the list that I made *which sucks by the way*, so I bought myself some gifts; DVDs! J.J. Abrahms' Star Trek 2009 & Where The Wild Things Are. I also got those  with discounted price from Gramedia Book Store Grand Indonesia, it was 30% off price! Yipie!

What else ya? Hmm... stressed out because still didn't got a pay rise [link] *but I ended up got it anyway, yay!*;  almost got "dijodohkan" with my neighbours' daughters [link]; thinking of starting a family [link]; all stress out with how people dress in church [link]; got another shocking news about colleagues that resigned from the office [link]; and the highlight of the year *well, 2nd highlight of the year*, I got checked out by some random guy on busway [link] which was very awkward, uncomfortable & eert-creepy! XD

OK, that about sums up my year!! Well, maybe there were some small stuffs, bad or good, happened the past year, but since I got a not-so-good-memory-bank-in-the-brain, I subconsciously forgot about those things. Help. LOL.

Let's hope the new year will be better! 2011, hit me with your best yet worst things, I'm ready! *or I think I'm ready*. XD
And the last, but not least, yes, I'm still single, still available but not desperate & yes, I'm a 27 year old virgin! LMAO.

Such another messy posting from .mister.dison. My gawd, you're so lazy ya! This post was supposed to be posted before 2011, now it's 20th of January 2011! *slapped!*
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