Friday, March 7, 2014

It's-A-SHOES/Feet-Fetish-Thing! :D

Shoes. Sandals. Bare feet. Places to go.

*shamelessly foot fetish mode... LMAO!*


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Push It a Little! DARN IT!

Another writing in Indonesian. I'm just too lazy to translate it in English. Sue me then! :D

Kadang-kadang gue bingung juga ya, gue yang olah raganya jaraaang banget, gak ngegym, gak lari, tapi jarang jatuh sakit, ya well palingan flu-flu dikit tapi gak sampek harus ke dokter, tidur yang cukup aja & I’ll be OK.

Ehhh… Ini ada beberapa orang temen gue yang rajin banget olah raga, ngegym segala macem tapi malah gampang banget jatuh sakit. Dikit-dikit sakit kepala, dikit-dikit flu, dikit-dikit ini itu….

Well, not trying to compared myself with others sih, I had my own fair share of bitchy-complaining-moment-cause-I’m-sick-I’m-allowed-to-complain, dan emang setiap orang punya batas-batasnya sendiri sih (belum lagi sama yang namanya immune system orang-orang yang berbeda) tapi ya pushing yourself a little wouldn’t kill you kok. *giving eye-rolling-moment* *just-saying*

What I learned for these past years of working & life, I complained A LOT it annoyed the hell out of people, and I don’t even realized that I’m complaining. So, I’m sorry for being such an asshole about it & promised to be a better person… *jadi ngalor ngidul deh…*

Anyways, back to topic, iya, yang lebih sering ngegym & berolahraga, malah lebih gampang jatuh sakit daripada gue, what the fuck banget… :D

*terus karena gue jarang sakit, sekalinya jatuh sakit, langsung mati kali ye…. AMIT-AMIT DEH… knock-on-wood!*
*bad joke, Econ… Bad joke…*
*ini postingan gak ada arahnya yak…*

Total rambling with some meaning? :D


Saturday, March 1, 2014


So you have a rough & tiring day at the office.

I know, complaining won't solve any problem, but wouldn't it be nice if you have someone that will be there for you? Yes, be there for YOU.

Well, am not trying to be a "princess" or some kind of "SoaB" that demands everything, but having someone to comfort you can make you feel better, in-a-way.

Hoping this is not just another wishful thinking of me being so helplessly hopelessly romantic. :)